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Published on November 25th, 2016 | by Editor


When is it time to update your office furniture?

All you can hear all day is chairs wheels squeaking, tables creaking, employees groaning and fidgeting, and then the occasional bang of a piece of furniture finally falling apart. This is definitely something that you want to avoid happening. If your office is starting to break down then you’re already overdo for an office furniture update. No one wants to spend seven hours a day sitting in a chair with no back, or typing at a desk that’s too small for them to even rest their elbows on it.  It’s your duty to update your office furniture before it makes your employees miserable and stressed. So, here are some of the ways you’ll know when it’s time to update your office.

You’re lacking top talent

Great employees will be looking for a good quality workplace that suits them. If they come in for an interview and have to resort to sitting on a chair that just ‘swivelled’ its way out of the 70s, they’re probably not going to be getting a great first impression. By keeping your office furniture looking new and functional you’ll find that prospective employees and clients will be more impressed by your business. That means you’ll start getting better quality employees and clients.

Your furniture doesn’t reflect your success

You and your employees worked hard to get your business to where it is today, so why are you all still sitting on plastic garden chairs and working in the dark? Your office is the heart of your business, so you should care about it just as much as you care about the rest of your business. A great quality office furniture supplier could help you match your office furniture to your brand. With some cool, new décor your employees will feel appreciated and you can feel proud of your business. You also want your employees to feel proud of their job and sometimes all you need to do to achieve that is replace some tables and chairs.

Your furniture doesn’t meet the needs of your employees

Your employees deserve better quality. If they’re crawling out of the office each evening complaining about back pain and cramped shoulders then they’re not getting the best quality care you can provide. Comfortable employees are happier and can produce better and more work. Give them desks that give them space to work and chairs that support their back. Poor quality office furniture might even be the reason some people resign. After all, how much money is a perpetual backache worth?

Everyone’s tired and miserable

An office that’s dull, dark and empty can actually cause employees to be less motivated. There’s something about the typical, dull office colours that seem to suck the life out of people. The psychology of fatigue says that low moods can result in tiredness an in an office space, where stress and boredom can occur, psychological fatigue can destroy your employee’s motivation. A bright, fresh work environment can inspire productivity and optimism and keep your employees alert throughout the day. You want your office to feel like a home for ideas rather than a prison.

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