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Published on April 22nd, 2016 | by Editor


Brand Co-ownership

Whatever brand or product we tend to choose or are naturally inclined towards is said to say a lot about who we are, what we like and above all the little things that readily influence us on a day to day basis. Everything we choose for ourselves in one way or another sets our priorities and shows the world what we believe in, how we view the world and how we tend to communicate with the people around us. These are all the messages a single brand can carry.

A brand is only as memorable as the message and tone it sets for its customers. It is true that you cannot control how the world views the message you want your brand to give out, but you can anticipate a possible response. What your brand demonstrates is what attracts the people towards it. Sometimes people tend to think that their customers or their viewers come in last – they are solely responsible for purchasing the brand. What they forget is that if one fails to establish a relevant connection with the brand, the chances of them being attracted towards it are slim to none. This is why they end up following their marketing planners coming up with farfetched strategies that a majority of their customers fail to relate to. Hence, for a successfully response, it is important that you let your customers drive you. This is why having more than on opinion is never a bad idea. It allows you to get an unbiased opinion – this is possible with brand co-ownership.

An Example – Legos

Early in the year 2015 this particular brand was called one of the strongest brands in the entire world. This is why people with aspiring brands take a lot of their inspiration from it. This mentioned brand came into being with a team that was co-authorized. Whenever the in charge came up with a new idea, it was introduced to a large group of people, large enough to form a community of their own. How they responded to the new design is what made them understand what people wanted from the brand. This allowed them to always coming up with something that would be attractive and would sell.

This is the very reason you cannot have a successful brand if you do not even understand what your audience expects from it. When you accept their response positively and with the idea that changes according to it will be implemented, you can guarantee that your product, at the end of the day, will be what they are looking for. It will be something they readily connect to.

If you think it is a relatively difficult task to gather a large number of people in one place and have them see what they think of your brand, the easiest way to do this without any trouble is through the internet. Through the various social platforms you can introduce newer ideas to your clients based all over the world and see how everyone feels about the new innovation.

Community ownership

There are now several platforms made available to aspiring brand owners and even old ones to connect with their clients and see how they respond to the products they are offering. The entire idea is to be able to ensure your target audience is ready for the product you are offering them. More than that, this strategy and co-ownership with the community where you wish to sell your product, allows you to understand your customer base at a very personal and emotional level. Understanding that is like finding gold.

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