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Published on April 21st, 2016 | by Editor


What Is Trending On Twitter Today!

If you have ever used Twitter, you must have come across the “ trending box” on it. If not, then you sure must have heard people around you saying, “this is trending on Twitter.” Wondering what this means and whether or not you can use it to promote your business? Now lets read through this article to get answers to your queries.

What is ‘Trending’?

Trending on Twitter refers to the 10 most frequently discussed topics at a given point in time. These show what things are being talked about in a certain geographical area. In most cases, the list of trending topics is adjusted to show local events but however this can also be changed in order to get updates on worldly events and happenings.

How To Change Twitter Settings For Trending:

Go to “Settings”, tap on “change” and customize the latest trends as per your own interests and desires. Twitter can select topics of your interest automatically by using you location settings and based on the people you follow on twitter. In case you want to get feeds on local events then choose the nearest location or simply type in a location in the search bar. To access worldwide feeds, type         “worldwide” and you can enjoy online worldwide trending on Twitter. After required changes have been made, do not forget to click “Done.”

How can you use Trending topics for your business?

Not all topics trending on Twitter will be useful to your business. It varies from business to business. For example a discussion on “Richard Dawkins” who says that fairytales are not safe for children is likely to attract those who work in or work for the education industry. Generally, people who participate in a trending topic get more viewer attention and this contributes in creating awareness about their business. Furthermore, it also attracts followers that find your page relevant and useful to them.

Many television programs trend on Twitter now and if your business succeeds in hooking on to any one of these, then you may gain some valuable exposure as well. Big Brother, a reality show is a good example to quote here as it triggered several trending topics on Twitter. Now you may be thinking of how could a TV show be useful for your business. Now assume that you are an interior designer, you could tweet on the décor and initiate a conversation about what looks good, what needs to be improved and how can your business serve the purpose. In order to promote, be very careful about the exact trending words that you need to use so as to get noticeable attention.

Anything that is trending, then it is surely being talked about by several hundred thousands and even millions of people at the same time. There is a vast range of topics that are brought under discussion on twitter daily. If Olympics is trending, and your company has a direct link with sports goods or fitness, then it can use this as a means of showcasing your brand and increasing the number of followers on your twitter account. But in case the topic being discussed on Twitter does not relate to your business in any way then again bring out the creativity in you and start a conversation about your interests and hobbies in general. You can change location settings to “Near You” and begin tweeting. Now several people in your locality would be participating in a talk that may be useful for you in terms of initiating a healthy conversation with them. This way you can gather valuable insights into what interests them and how can your business be of use to them. Furthermore, this will help you in building a relationship based on trust between you and your potential customer.

In order to spread the word about your business on Twitter, make it a routine to participate in trending topics.

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