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Published on January 30th, 2017 | by Editor


Important Branding Steps to Generate Leads

Branding is crucial to your ability to generate leads. Having an organized marketing system is important, but the first step in increasing the customer base is ensuring that they are connected. You need to harmonize the role of the SEO, product, sales, customer-service, public relations, recruiting, and demand-generation teams. That takes a brand that resonates. To unify the whole content creation process and build the right brand, the following things should be taken into consideration:

Building a Messaging House

For your marketing team to easily unify content from discrete digital channels, you need to create a proper message architecture. This messaging system will keep business branding objectives and customer needs aligned to the type of content being produced. The architecture of content creation is built like a house with the umbrella message at the top, followed by various core messages, and the validation and support as the base.

Outline Content Goals

Every piece of content should focus on achieving a certain objective. Content objectives are the things that you want the message to attain in the end. Some of the things that the content may try to achieve include: creating emphasis of a certain message, influencing certain decisions, reaching a given target audience, promoting a given event, increasing sales, or building registrations to certain webinars. Content goals are divided into business and audience objectives.


Define Roles

You should avoid inefficiency, overlaps and turnover by carefully defining content roles. The roles need to be defined by business and marketing leaders so as to create a unified culture among the various content owners. As pointed out by Joe Pulizzi, content creators, managing editors, content producers, the chief content officer and the chief listening officer each have defined roles to play.

Content Workflow Should Be Defined in Broad

There should be a team leader in every sector who is able to document and understand what is required by that particular team. This team leader is also responsible for post-production duties such as social media promotions. The various team leaders should in the end come together, compile their content and help each other understand how the other team operates. This will help you generate incredible leads.

Come up with a Guide on How to Create Content

Ensure all your teams have good access to the different types of content being produced by your organization. Make white papers, videos, newsletters, webinars, case studies, blog posts, presentations, infographics, and research reports available to all the teams.

Create an Approval System for the Content Produced by Your Teams

It’s good to have a system that supervises all content to ensure your organization is on track. Ensure the content produced represents your brand in the most effective way. You can do without the approval system once you are 100% sure all teams are doing the right thing.

Keep Track of the Results

The best way to measure your performance record is by having an independent department do it. Compare your results to your content objectives. This will tell you how far you have achieved content goals.


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