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Published on February 9th, 2017 | by Editor


How To Reinforce Your Brand Through Social Media

Branding is a core element of successfully marketing, promoting and running any business. Regardless of whether your products and services are mainly marketed through physical, real-life channels or via online channels, such as websites and email, you need to build a strong brand identity online. Here are some tips for successful social media branding.

Pick the right social media networks

There is a subtle difference, but each social media network has its own and different core membership and a different cultural association. Some networks are universal, for example, Facebook, which is used by a cross-section of the population, both young and old. However, Instagram is more useful for brands that rely strongly on visual appeal – such as clothing brands or food retailers. Women are more likely to use Pinterest than men, while LinkedIn is a very important tool if you are marketing to other businesses, but less so if sports fans are your core market.

Get expert help

Social media marketing is riddled with pitfalls and hidden tricks, but there are available experts to help you find the right message and the best way to deliver it. This advice could range from setting up a fully-fledged Facebook page with day-to-day interaction, to the more subtle and very effective option of using a web content specialist that offers SEO article services to build brand trust. In fact, valuable and shareable content is what underpins the most effective campaigns, as social media is – in essence – about sharing.


Engage with social media users

For many businesses, marketing is still a one-way affair: the broadcasting of a message to an audience, leading to increased sales. Social media marketing offers a different opportunity – that of directly interacting with your audience. Provide content that users are interested in, and they will comment on it, allowing you to respond to comments and to offer further insight into your brand. It is also a good idea to follow, tag and share the content of members of your target audience, all of which promotes your business and brand.

Be consistent on social media

It is important to be on point with your brand message on social media at all times. Messages are saved and logged on networks permanently, so a mixed message can persist and be difficult to remedy. Most of all, your business needs to be consistently active on social media. Gaps in your postings or comments can lead to your brand’s prominence eroding very quickly. Social media users have a very short attention span and your inaction will create room for a competitor to step in and take territory belonging to your brand.

Branding is equally valuable offline, and online

Your brand underpins the profitability of your business on a very basic level, making it easier to retain and acquire customers and keeping competitive forces at bay. In fact, businesses with strong brands have consistently higher margins and are more profitable. The public’s online and offline lives are increasingly intertwined, which means making good use of social media for branding is crucial.


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