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Published on April 21st, 2016 | by Editor


Helene Morris

Lonely is a lingerie brand that originated in New Zealand as a result of the dearth of modern lingerie. Helene Morris, a designer, along with Steve Ferguson founded this lingerie line because there wasn’t any modern lingerie available that her clients or the like would want to invest in. When starting the line, they were sure that they would steer clear of push-ups and lined bras. The line is primarily composed of what is known as soft cup bras. According to Morris, knowing the things you do not want can sometimes simplify what you want which is what happened in this case too. Besides she adds that a fashion background reinforces the independent and unique streak that is clearly visible to the customers as well.

The collection is an intricately designed one keeping the technical side in mind. It has no padding, the straps are intentionally kept wide for added support, which is complimented by Austrian and French lace. While the bras may not be too directly feminist, their technical aspects are designed as such. The color palette ranges from hues of nude and khaki to burnt red and deep bronze. The available sizes are almost all between 30B and 36E.

Lonely Girls Project was launched keeping in mind the delicacy of the female body which maintaining the empowerment aspect. The project also aims to celebrate the women who adorn these pieces and are even encouraged to wear the lingerie, take pictures and share them in social media with the hashtag #LonelyGirlsProject. The product of the campaign was a beautiful collage of women with all body types, giving the brand a human, natural identity which also instilled confidence in many.

The brand prides itself in delivering the brand message through powerful images. With a group of people with similar leanings, the shoot for the brand was carried out. The main member included Zara Mirkin, the stylist, Mayan Toledano, the art director and Petra Collins, the photographer. Morris especially liked Collins’s work and gave the trio complete liberty to do whatever they wanted. According to her, a free environment produces the best results.

The shoot is a reflection of real women all over the world, with stretch marks, hair and abdominal folds. Morris further says that such things are not considered feminine or even natural but the truth remains the same. Most pictures are heavily edited and actually that is what has created unnatural images in everyone’s minds about the female form.

Maria Williams, working as lingerie buyer for Net-a-porter says that the idea and its realization is what really attracted her to this lingerie collection. She says that the freedom to feel good about yourself should not be limited to a given way. Each woman is unique with something beautiful to flaunt and it is this empowering message of the brand that makes her one of the biggest proponents of the collection. She especially likes how the collection is devoid of heavy padding, thongs or even light lining. The underwire and soft cup bras with the soft fabric and lace used have made them quite popular among women all over.

On asking if Morris is a feminist, she responded with delightful affirmation. She further explains that she believes in equality and there is nothing wrong with that. In fact, why wouldn’t you want to be an equal? She also believes that in her position she is able to portray women empowerment which is also impactful. So she is glad that she can use this platform to do so.

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