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Kelsey Borlan Lee

Branding is a concept that allows all labels to have an identity in the form of a name, logo, image, tag line, etc. The main reason behind branding is attracting potential consumers. We interviewed a successful business owner to ask her about her secrets and all the tricks that she used to reach success. She can be an inspiration and hope for girls all over the world to follow their dreams.

We took an interview of Kelsey Borlan Lee about her hugely successful company, Brand Gal.

She was asked different questions so we could know about her and her brand a little better. She has been very successful and prosperous in her business. She was asked all these questions so that she can be inspiration all the young artists that are afraid of exposing their talent to the world.

Lee’s response to all the questions was very efficient. Usually all the successful companies have gone through a tough time and have suffered some financial crisis or other sorts of problems. So we wanted to know if she had faced such problems in this journey. Responding to this, she said that her interest in photography has spanned over 12 years and yet, she had begun considering it important only around a year ago. She believes that in the span of only a year, her company has really evolved and she has seriously considered and ventured into branding as of 6 months ago or so. It has been an astounding adventure for her.

K R Photography is an agency that helps business visionaries venture into the master plan of finding their true business identity through the ideal image. She needs the majority of her customers to leave confident and equipped with the right tools to carry on with their life while continuing to do everything they cherish or value the most.

Moving forward with the introduction to her brand, she said her aim is to provide services that are mutually beneficial. She quips with the interesting example of not wanting to have to pick between tasting her Caramel lattes and aiding people in need. Thus, she does both and helps different business visionaries do likewise. Her image is about tolerating who she is and what she cherishes. She is a firm believer branding makes all the difference. She believes it is the absolute best approach to advertise any business and K R Photography is all about being an asset to her kindred entrepreneurs and picture takers since branding can be an overwhelming and conceptual idea.

Asking her about the charity work she has done, she calls it her 5 for 5. She donates 5% of any photography package she offers to a non-profit organization, locally as well as internationally. The desire to help has been inherent in her and as she grew up, it turned into a passion. She was clear on her goals and knew that making money will never quench her thirst in the world. She wants to turn tides and she does that through her business and her photography.

Next she was asked how she is able to determine which font or watermark is best for her work or what suits her the most. She replied that she is still working with those and coming up with advanced ways to make her brand look exciting. Colors and the right shade palette is chosen in accordance with the beliefs of the brand. She considers marketing to be being an impression of the individual. Along these lines, the main hues that she says she has dependably loved are dim, dark, and white. So she has kept it straightforward and genuine. During the branding process she came across a few other shades that she fell in love with and eventually ended up incorporating them in her brand identity. She found experimenting and venturing into new waters hard at first but she gradually eased into it.

Then she was asked about how could she has been able to choose an originator to work with? At first she did attempt and do her own particular thing since she did not have the cash to put in a site. Yet inevitably as her image turned out to be increasingly refined and characterized, she started to exceed her layouts. She was honored to have been introduced to a fine architect through a common companion, who additionally represents considerable authority in marking. She and the architect worked together on both of their visual brands. She knew on an individual level this woman was the young lady for her in light of the fact that each of her destinations are so far well beyond anything she herself has ever seen some time recently. Each site has an exceptionally unique brand identity. She is splendid and Kelsey is so regarded to have worked with her.

We further inquired on how she was able to show her organization to the rest of the world? This was a very basic yet intriguing question. She responded most generously and said that she began with an extremely basic web journal website and some online networking. She has learnt a lot throughout and now she has a stunning website almost ready to be launched and an incredible online networking system.

She has not begun pitching yet. Her image is still new and until the website goes live, she would prefer not to pitch on the web. Before the website is ready, it will be around six months since the introduction of the initial branding. She also has taken some online courses and is really excited about creative work. She has perused and looked into it like there’s no tomorrow!

She has acquired quite a few favorites along the way. She adores Creative Live since they provide with businesses with photographic personalities for FREE! She has perused through innumerable web journals and watched numerous YouTube instructional tutorials. She believes that there is an abundance of data out there.

Lee publicizes through some magazines that distribute frequently and fulfil her desirable demands. The only social media website that she follows sincerely is Facebook. She thinks that Facebook is a good platform to display your hard work and to show the world your hidden talents. Every business brings so much more to the world than products and services, and that is why Facebook helps all of them. Thus, for the winners of the best online networking website to invest the most energy in and for promoting business are Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram. These sites share a lot of visuals and pictures which can help you promote your business and make it more visible to the world.

Her business is exceptionally visual so it bodes well to draw in with her people visually. Data graphics and pictures are the most hip thing in online networking at this moment. She is a part of a few groups of both entrepreneurs and picture takers. She additionally leads a local group of picture takers to help and support each other. Her Facebook bunches and Groups have incredibly expanded her system. She has also printed her items, bundling, business cards, other promoting cards, etc. for the popularity of her business.

She has also utilized the neighborhood sellers when it comes to printing. It is a quick and efficient way with no transport charges involved. She has very little knowledge about the paper types so she does not know a lot of details on the type used for her business cards. Thus, we asked if she ever utilized “green” innovation, and using FSC guaranteed papers or reused paper. She said she generally pays the additional charges to make strides toward environmental friendliness because it is beneficial for all of us to be environment friendly. It is a little thing that has a major effect.

Lee has never really spoken at any event but now she is actively searching for talking opportunities. She believes that it comprises of a major part of her business. Besides, now that she has a brand of her own that she has complete faith in, she believes that it is the ideal time to start talking at various events. Her first would be a conferment called Live the Dream and this year’s topic is Breathe Life Into It. She will, of course, be talking on advertising.

Regarding what the future has in store for her, she hinted at uncovering a huge brand which will come with a dispatching celebration in July. In addition to the video from Live The Dream Conference, she is making an appearance in a book as well. With her plate full, this will be happening year for her. She told that recordings are her new obsession and she is working on making this dream into a reality. Without a doubt, we believe she will make these into reality and we hope and believe it to be successful.

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