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Traditional Branding

Published on April 22nd, 2016 | by Editor


Ecological Cocoa

A British international merchant has come up with a completely unique manner through which he is branding his Easter Eggs. The company is said to have teamed up with the world renowned company Lego and come up with a relatively healthier alternative for the sugar imposed chocolate eggs.

The entire purpose of doing this was to make the people and their consumers feel more important and to have them see how much the brand values their preferences and their health. As a result of this they got in touch with the various functioning cocoa farms and joined hands with the WCF – the World Cocoa Foundation. They claimed that by doing so they were not only stopping the age old trend of handing out Easter eggs on the religious holiday but were doing this to reassess and also to reestablish their roles as a company that was promising the product in the first place. They claimed that the decision was taken to reevaluate their policies from scratch. They wanted to ensure that all their clients and their rights that were dependent on them should be preserved.

In order to achieve the above, the following companies did the same;

  1. In 2015 Nestlé based in the United States of America busied itself in celebrating Easter by ensuring that they made a strict agreement with the use of only viable cocoa.
  2. In the same year another renowned company, Hershey declared that their products would be made only by using ecological coca products.
  3. Other companies like Kit Kat and Brookside chocolates soon followed earlier in the year 2016.

Reports also claim that by the year 2020 all chocolate facilities would only be using ecological cocoa.

The entire agenda behind doing this was to guarantee to the parents that as their kid enjoys the toy provided to them they are also enjoying the goodness of chocolate without paying as much as they were before. Not only that, they were also getting a product that was far healthier than the one their kids were consuming first. With the use of toys their creativity was being given a very healthy platform and on the other hand, they were not welcoming any kind of diabetes with a chocolate alternate that is just too good.

Some reports have claimed that before 2018 all the sugary drinks would also have made a similar shift.

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