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On Cotton wants New Writers like YOU to Contribute to Our Website

At On Cotton, we are always looking for fresh content from creative and insightful individuals with something interesting to share. To work with us, you don’t need to be a published author or a prize winner, but we do want only quality content.

Quality content is important because it is what the readers want. So, if you have what it takes to craft intelligent, engaging, and error-free content that you think our readers will love, don’t hesitate to contact us. By writing for us, you get to improve your skills and grow as a writer as our first class editors always deliver useful feedback that you can put back into your work. After a while working with us, you’ll become better at crafting your thoughts and ideas into engaging sentences readers will want more of.

Also, because of how expansive our platform is, getting your guest post published by us will open you to a larger audience. Not only will this boost your credibility as a writer, it will also give you an opportunity to share more of your views to more people around the world.

We accept guest posts but keep in mind that the decision to publish your post is dependent on it satisfying our requirements and scaling past our editors.

Experienced Writers are Welcome to Contribute to Our Website

Asides from newbie writers, On Cotton is also open to receiving submissions from professional writers as well as seasoned writers who have something interesting or important to share from their field of expertise. The topics or themes submitted posts can cover are not limited as our visitors are avid readers with varied interests.

Submit to us today and get your guest post viewed by an international audience.

Sort of Writing On Cotton is Looking For

To increase your chances of having your guest post accepted by our editors, we advise that you first peruse our site to get an idea of the quality and tone of writing we prefer. We also prefer original content so make sure to avoid sending us a submission that bears any similarity to anything we have already published.

Also, ensure that your submission to us has not already been shared on any other platform or published on another website. Because we do not support Plagiarism, we also do not condone it from contributing writers. Thus, ensure that all quotes are properly referenced. We also do not accept republishing of recommendations.

You are advised to properly proofread your content and ensure proper sentence structure, tenses and spellings. Also attach a punchy title and first line to your guest post to make it immediately attractive. We also recommend adding high resolution images to your post to make them more entertaining and attractive. It’s usually better when the added images either complement or emphasise the copy.

And on a final note, avoid inserting affiliate codes or links into a post. We do not accept submissions that contain such as it is against our policy at this time.

We look forward to receiving your submissions and working with you.

Get in touch with us at On Cotton to Write for Us

Articles that are anywhere between 500-1500 words are welcome. To become an On Cotton contributor and have your writing seen by millions of readers around the world, email your guest blog to us. You can also send us an email if you have questions, or simply contact us by phone.

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