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Published on April 22nd, 2016 | by Editor


What is the use of social networks?

What is the use of social networks? Is it used for personal use? Or is it used in business? It does not matter how you use these sites, it is most likely that you at least use one of them. Websites like Twitter, Myspace, StumbleUpon and Digg have gained the trust of the users and they have started to depend on these sites. People engage through these networks. These sites make distances seem shorter and make communication easier and simpler. These websites are often used by small and large business owners as they are free of cost and makes them ideal for usage.

Uses of social networks in business

Social networks are used by small businesses frequently. There are several ways in which it can be used to benefit businesses:

  • Economical Marketing

One of the uses of social network is that it provides with one of best ways to promote products within a budget. The business and products get enhanced attention hence increased marketing. Marketing through social network or websites costs very little.

  • Advertisement

Social media is also used for low cost advertisement and these adverts are highly effective as they gain attention of millions of internet users daily, hence giving business enhanced exposure.

  • Customer Relationship

Another benefit of utilizing social media is that a business can provide consumers with customer services on these sites as well. The consumer can ask queries and interact with agents of the business efficiently. Small businesses have access to their customers as well.

  • Exposure to whole world

Advert on a television or any other mode of marketing will cost a lot more than social media. The same impact can be achieved by advertising on social media or social network sites.

  • Provide Online Meeting Place

Social websites gather experts on one platform so that they can discuss their concerns with different experts. It gives them exposure to build new business or to extend their current products or to give their current product with new look.

Social networking plays a vital role in increasing profits and sales of the business. Whether the business is online or offline, it can flourish with online adverts only.

Uses of Social Networks

Social networking sites are used for several things. They can be beneficial but they can be unfavourable as well. Some of the benefits of utilizing social networking sites are:

  • Improved image of business and products
  • Feedback is provided through social networking sites about services and products.
  • They can help to find long lost friend or to connect to family abroad.
  • Increases sharing of innovative ideas and increases dialog among experts
  • Helps in job search or head hunting

Social networks have many benefits, as they reduce the amount time taken to process and difficulties of offline world. To top it, they are fun to explore as a pastime.

Disadvantages of Social networks

Some of the disadvantages of social network sites include individuals not having the capability to build a successful network, which hinders them to see the benefits of social networking sites. Easy access, which means your competitors, can access your employees in such cases.

Should Social network be used?

Mostly, businesses get benefits from using social networks. Social networks are utilized for interaction with experts and consumers. Information is easily shared on social media. In other words these sites can be utilized for any kind of communication.

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