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Published on September 19th, 2017 | by Editor


Using The POS As A Tool To Increase Productivity

Since the introduction of the primitive POS system in the 1970s, the use of POS systems has witnessed exponential growth. The global POS market is projected to hit 125 billion USD by 2024. Most employers and small business owners have embraced the POS as a tool for tracking sales in their business. It is not common knowledge, however, that the functionality of a POS goes beyond mere sales. It is useful to know that there are several other ways a POS system can be used to increase productivity in small and medium scale businesses. Here are 5 ways your POS can improve your workflow when used correctly.

Powerhouse of inventory management

POS systems have inventory management integration capabilities. A POS system with an inventory management module can take inventory management productivity to a whole new level when used correctly. The purchasing decisions can be automated and as a result made faster. It is also made more accurate since the decisions are made based on actual data instead of guesswork. Pre-order levels and order quantities can be automatically programmed to ensure you don’t run out of stock. This fully automated process can reduce issues such as wasting and overstocking of your store.


Optimize time management

Most POS systems have integrated time and attendance tracking capabilities. Shift scheduling is also available on POS systems. Letting the POS manage all your shift assignment, keeping track of employee hours, comparing staffing levels across different stores will help increase the productivity of your business. The automatic scheduler can determine how many staff would be the optimal number to manage each shift at any given time.  If you use attendance tracking, then it can be generated based on data so that you don’t have too many or too few employees on duty at any given time.

Data for analysis

The importance of data analysis cannot be understated. With the right data, you can easily determine what you need to do to improve your business. Many POS systems have the ability to provide you with this functionality.  David Hughes at Vend POS systems says “I always insist on enabling this functionality for all our customers because the power of data to boost sales should always be tapped into.”

Business Analytics

Simplification of and reduction in transaction errors

When you use an efficient POS system, it simplifies the steps involved in taking an order. This also minimizes transaction errors. The numerous steps usually involved from physically the taking order to the payment stage is easily reduced to three simple streamlined steps. 1. Take an order 2. Enter orders into the POS 3.Take payment. This process helps improve traffic flow and reduce customer waiting time, especially during peak hours.

Customer management /reward management

A good POS system can make the process of managing customer rewards go more smoothly. Thanks to the right POS system, buyer behaviour can easily be tracked and calling up customer buying history will only be seconds. Building loyalty programs can be integrated into the POS system and customer rewards will be instantly awarded.

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