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Published on April 21st, 2016 | by Editor


Trending On Twitter

With the use of algorithms Twitter micro blogging websites establish the topics that are under discussion by the users at a point in time. The topics widely discussed are called “Trending Topics.” These typically include news on International sports, celebrities, and significant events happening across the world and political scenarios.

What Is Twitter?

Twitter is a commonly used application for networking that allows users to put up short text messages on what is being discussed. The short text is called “Tweets” and it cannot exceed 140 characters. Twitter is a social networking site where people can follow friends, relatives, companies, brands, celebrities, and all other twitter users. Every time you sign in on twitter, you see a page that shows all feeds from people that you follow.

What Is Trending?

Several twitter users can post tweets on the same topic at one time with the use of the trending algorithm. It is used to show topics that are popular among users on Twitter. This works by sensing most commonly used phrases or words used in the tweets. After spotting the most frequently used words, Twitter lists the top ten most recurrent topics on its home page. To have a look at the news feed on the trending topics, you can click on any topic that captures your interest. The feeds show tweets from all the people and not just those who follow you.

What Are Hash tags?

Hash tags are commonly used on social media websites. Twitter users use these to become a part of the topics being discussed. In order to use a hash tag on twitter, the users must put the sign representing hash and then continue to write the tweet. For instance, when users are tweeting on an international sports event, they will attach # before writing world cup. E.g. “#worldcup”. Hash tags are used to show connection of a related tweet to the trending topics. This is how a tweet with hash tags appears on the feeds of a trending page.

More About Trending

Twitter categorizes the topics under discussion in terms of geographical regions. However, there are no limitations on getting news feeds about what is happening in distant places of the world. You can change the settings and get feeds on events happening anywhere in the world at the convenience of your handheld device.


There is a drawback of using trending algorithms for twitter. Most obvious one is the misuse by various companies, brands and popular personalities that use it for promotional purposes. These can be used to manipulate the perception of followers on a certain topic being discussed. At many other instances, twitter is flooded with spam tweets that can irritate the user. To protect the users from annoying spam messages, twitter can put a bar on abusive use of twitter and simply block the undesirable content from appearing before the user’s eyes. For further information on rules and regulations on marketing content, there are certain guidelines that must be followed by users planning on using twitter for promotional reasons.

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