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Published on April 21st, 2016 | by Editor


Traditional Branding

OnCotton has remained successful in building highly integrated businesses and innovations. It has pitched its way on the road to progress by incorporating significant efforts to provide you with the best for the past 15 years. Hundreds of companies have relied on us with their launches. With the wide network of offices throughout the world and main charters in London, San Francisco and Zurich, more than 80 teams improvise and execute the best plans for your companies and products.

The CEO of the company is of the view that their policy of providing the clients with suitable parameters and constrains instead of conventional guidelines about the brands are a prudent choice. This widens the client’s horizon and opens up the gates for the ability to accept limitations that every brand carries with itself. Here is a detailed explanation of the factors.

Association of Traditional Brand Guidelines and the Present Promotions

The approach and demand of each and every company and brand is different and catering every one of them while keeping their demands in mind is necessary. The CEO says that a handful of their clients prefer traditional brand books. And as a matter of fact, this makes sense as well. For a brand which has more graphic work or work related to designs and involving more communication, this can be an excellent way out. Such companies that keep traditional branding style constant prefer this style over anything else.

On the contrary, there are brands that are colossal companies, functioning throughout the world. They have a combination of languages, cultures and traditions throughout the world, dominant over the web of the offices that spread all over the world. Such companies have a varying approach to needs like design, communication and in short, the branding strategies vary from one place to another.

When such scenarios are faced, there rises a question regarding the type of delivery mechanism that should be offered to the respective brand. For such multinational companies, there needs to be a sophisticated design, fully equipped with the strategies that help the organization to be successful in that specific area.

The style and pattern of strategies should not be only about the good or bad aspects but it should cover the limitations and should cover up for the shortcomings of the brand. In such scenarios, there is a demand of carefully designed marketing and promotion proposals.

Guidelines Prove Good for a Bunch

A handful of companies like to deal cleanly and prefer straight forward delivery. For such companies, providing them with the basic guidelines first works pretty well. The packages, deals, associations, rules and appropriate strategies should be well-designed for them. While on the other side, there are a few brands that prefer going after principles and regulations and view every way out, critically.

Others are a bit more restriction-based. While being open to this, they have their own issues like bookends. The demands change according to the variation that is eminent in their styles and needs. The CEO says that according to him, this is the best possible thinking strategy that puts you a step ahead of the rest. If you have a dualistic approach about such things, things will just get messy. Plus, your focus will be mismanaged and there is a possibility that you ruin your strategies that lay the base of your brand. Such thinking styles do not help the clients.


The CEO says that their company believes in providing their clients with the best delivering guidance, not a note about the basic procedures. The company is working on a system that will make these available on the web for the customers. This will allow them to distribute whatever resources, course of action and essentials they want to whoever, whenever, wherever they need. This way, clients will have the option to alter their principles whenever they feel the need to adjust to the demands of their several launches.

Types of Parameters

Traditional branding tends to focus at a point and merge things with it in the form of a halo. The CEO says that we can symbolize things for our clients. OnCotton provides its clients with the option of altering a symbol according to the scenarios or conditions. The same rule is there for the graphic effects and basics about communication strategies. Yet, the limitation of the extent to which you are moulding a situation and the subsequent consequence is always there.

Any brand doesn’t want to make obvious changes to the strategies because in most of the cases where that happens, the brands looks like something that has just arrived in the market, just like a new-born baby to a family. Yet, the difference lies in the way the communication is established- the art of conveying the different message to the same audience.

Setting Parameters

Setting parameters is not an easy job. To make a supposition, Swisscom are the minds behind the great strategic planning. They are currently developing a few more strategies for latest brand but at the same moment, there is a word about new offerings’ development but that is not easy. There needs to be a good strategy.

Companies want to make themselves like Swisscom just as they step in the business world. That is not the way things go around. The strategies, apart from great ideas, require investment. Every company cannot afford to put their money in developing a plan for a photoshoot for every strategy or come up with a whole new execution procedure. For a small example, let’s assume that they wish to put on the application ‘Market’ and wish to publicise a number of ads on Zurich. This way, they can make sure that everyone knows that the new phone is available to them.

In the above mentioned case, they had to do nothing but introduce the product with a fancy log line and introduction. At the same time, it has been made clear that the phone can be purchased from Swisscom. For times like this, the company receives a message to keep the stuff textured and closely related to the other collaborating company, in this case, Swisscom.

OnCotton designs the drawing tools in a way that the companies have the capacity of doing such alterations to the delivery strategies as per need.

The general parameters of the viewer are necessary. The viewer needs to have a view of everything; the rigid or static form of the business, or the ‘not so rigid or static’ style, OnCotton specializes in making softwares that are later used as tools.


Understand and create a business. Create something flexible and easy. And if you succeed in creating a colourful business, learn the ways to be an expert in the field.

The basic cause of a few failures in the branding techniques is pitched in when you try inserting lots of aspects and subdivisions in one subject. Especially when they have no or less experience in the field, destruction is solid. The result is the breakdown of a client, eventually leading to utter failure.

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