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Published on February 22nd, 2018 | by Editor


Is Your Brand Good Enough To Die In?

Exactly how ‘always’ should Always Coca Cola be?

How do you market the hell out of a funeral and get away with it?

Should a coffin be a jar of Nutella or a casket an F1 Car?

There are probably hundreds of marketing people who have had the idea of making money out of branded coffins but shelved it fearing the death of their own career. How they must kick themselves these days…

Let’s face it, no matter how religious we are we all have hobbies. From train spotting to heavy metal bands, a favourite football club, a literary career or simply a Harry Potter fanatic, fan of a film, trade or famous for just being you.


He Came, He Saw, He Went In A F1 Car Coffin

For centuries we were all buried the same way and the only people to make money out of funerals were those serious funeral director bods dressed in black who either spoke, walked, drove, dug, sung, talked and then the carpenters and stone masons.

Today however it’s a much different story. Personalised coffins. OK, so that in itself is a bit funny. How much more personal can a coffin’s outer casing, that is one inch away from you on all sides, actually be?

They however are a thing. Termed Picture Coffins, Fantasy Coffins, Wrap-arounds or a kind of detailing for casket or coffin, they have proven to be quite popular. So much so that a rock band invented the Kiss Kasket, a branded coffin for die hards who, well, want to die really hard and show their affinity on the way out.

In fact more and more people are opting for more colourful ways to celebrate their own life when planning their own funeral plan. While not all Churches are accepting of this new and intriguing concept, ultimately if this is the way we wish to go out someone will cater for such a funeral process.

Your very own coffin can have your favourite pets pictured on the side, be an Irn Bru can, be a Budweiser can – for balance. You can have a casket dressed in your football colours, become the flag, have the motto down one side and the players sign the top. Options are limitless.


Branded Funeral Rights, Air Time / Coffin Time?

Coffin detailing with imagery, slogans and recognisable labels are not the only ways you can custom your funeral. Brands are not only imagery, they can also be themed funerals with guests asked to dress in a certain manner – can you come as clowns? How’s about the cast of the Marvel Universe?

There’s also the music, a family of the deceased may request a football anthem, a Beatles theme tune or song from an Opera. There could be a carnival atmosphere ala New Orleans or a full Orchestra in attendance. How’s about the theme from the Teletubbies and at every Amen, say ‘Eh oh’ Too much?

If you’re in an up and coming marketing team at a world renowned marketing company and you’re working on a new angle for a big brand, consider this as one of your box ticks. Will people want to get buried in this branded message and if not, why not? Personalised coffins and branded funerals are only going to get bigger and and more brand-able in the future. Amen to that!

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