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Published on April 21st, 2016 | by Editor



Facebook’s long-term plan of hosting articles from news agencies will be realized on Wednesday after several months of negotiations among the key stakeholders primarily the publishers of news and the Internet giant, Facebook. A previous executive at NBC, Twitter and The New York Times who now works in the capacity of an advisor, Vivian Schiller, in The Times stated that these news organizations aim for increased numbers of viewers but also fear their growing power that leaves them with no choice but to collaborate with Facebook.

With the interview on this venture schedule in the next few days, we can say without doubt that Mark Zuckerberg is content with the knowledge of his greatness and the greatness of his invention, Facebook.

Zuckerberg is a charming, handsome guy who is not driven by financial profits or the wish to dominate the world by enslaving the world populace. He is a simple guy with no concern as to try to delude all those people around the world who are hooked to Facebook. In fact people who are concocting conspiracy theories regarding this are merely wasting their time and should be hanged.

Zuckerberg has an exceptionally inspiring quality that makes his workers stay back and work till late. The work environment is so comfortable that for the employees, it is no less than home. This makes Facebook an ideal place to work, even for people in journalism. However, the company barely needs any cover stories or saving by effective PR because Facebook has no negative publicity. Moreover, with this journalistic venture, it will now control news as well.

So before the interview ever took place, the spokesperson for Mark Zuckerberg called to cancel on the pretext that there are loopholes in our background research and besides we hadn’t done anything worthwhile on the Internet anyway. The spokesperson was not somebody impressive as we had anticipated in terms of his oratory, considering writing was supposed to be his forte. He might have to change careers soon.

The answer was clear. Of course Zuckerberg was not interested in answering an interviewer who had things to ask that would lead to conflict of interest with Facebook. So what should be done is that he should be called on talk shows while giving all advertisement time to Facebook. Along with that all previous hosts who might be interested in getting their jobs back must be stopped in mid-track, for Zuckerberg rules in California.

An unidentified fan recently stated that he would love to see a talk show hosted by Mr. Zuckerberg. He wanted to remain unidentified because he was out at 8 am which was curfew time set by the ruler. You could only go back home, work at the uber comfortable Facebook offices or be using Facebook. However, if Zuckerberg is still interested in knowing who this fan is, he could hire a journalist to do that because once the journalist spies for him, technically the journalist is no longer a journalist.

A recent study claimed that those dedicated to Facebook, the most ideal platform to have been invented, were superior in terms of beauty and intellect. At the same time, ranking really low on the scale were people using Twitter and of course, Aaron Sorkin.

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