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Published on April 21st, 2016 | by Editor



There was a time when people were not even sure that a kind of technology will exist that can take flight with the controls being in your palm. Today, toy companies have made sure that there is a drone for everyone. These drones enable the world to take fancy pictures or videos of the world below. There are six companies that have their drones all over the world.

Yuneec Ontario is a California based company that has a range of drones with a price range between $599 and $3499. Their famous model, Typhoon can shoot ultra-high definition videos and a remote that has the option of displaying live footages. The flight time is 22 minutes which is remarkably significant.

Odyssey Toys has its headquarters in Miami and it has specialty in making drones from the point of view of their users’ convenience. They have drones, ranging from the size of an IPhone to that of a 10 by 10 inch Lightening Drone. The camera is sold for $129. It has a built in camera which provides high definition to the chief notch.  The camera is best to shoot pictures and videos from any height.

Rayline Cologne is a Germany based company that is famous for manufacturing remote controlled helicopters, drones, cars and airplanes. The most famous of their drones is the UFO Drone. It is a 6 by 7 inch creation that has a flight time of 10 minutes. In addition to this, the drone has LED lights for night-time flying. The price is nominal. It costs $65 only!

Skyrocket Toys is a Los Angeles based company that is known for manufacturing drones, bicycle accessories and other sporting goods. The famous production of the company is Skyrocket’s Sky Viper Stunt Drone that is used for still pictures. The drone is not equipped with a video camera but gives a fascinating quality of still pictures. The cheap price adds more to it. The drone sells for $48.99 apiece.

Auldey Toys in Quincy is a Massachusetts-based company that is famous for manufacturing remote controlled cars and flying ventures like helicopters, drones, airplanes etc. The company manufactures a drone with a built in camera that has a flying time of five to seven minutes. The price is nominal and this set comes at $99.99 only.

Mota is a company based in the Silicon Valley. The company makes products like smartwatches, iPhone controlled helicopters. Jet Jat is one of these drones and it is less than an inch tall. So, it is known to be the world’s smallest drone. The drone sets up a show. It can do flips and fly sideways. All of this in just $39.99.

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