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Published on April 22nd, 2016 | by Editor


Defining a trending topic

A trending topic can be defined as the subject that experiences a rush of popularity on social media network for a specific duration. Ecommerce business can analyse social network inclinations to evaluate the interests of consumers and to capitalize accordingly on the present dialogue.

Trending topics involve famous cultural events, TV premieres, breaking news, viral content and announcements related to celebrities. It does not matter for how long the content remains popular, though most trending subjects tend to have shelf-life from a day to a week.

The web sites or social media which reports the news also make algorithms to determine the famous trending topics. Most social networks creates a topic depending on the amount of users opening the website, they utilize information like previous likes, who the people like follow, location and previous searches. For example an individual who is fan of the products of Target shop and follows it, might see discount coupons of Target. On the other hand an individual who like to collect mugs, will see an online ceramics shops trending.

Appearance of trending topics

Trending topics comes in many forms some of the famous forms includes hashtags; simple keywords are also regularly utilized on social networks. While other times websites have allocated specific links or pages devoted to trends and rest of the trending topics can be found in the search results.

  • Trends on twitter are usually made according to the location of an individual, but location can easily be changed from the settings available on twitter website. Several areas are allotted on the web site’s version for desktop, on mobile trends can easily be found in search section.
  • Facebook trending is further divided in five types, those types includes: science, technology, all news, entertainment, politics and sports. You can easily read trends related to a specific type by just clicking on it.
  • Trends on Google are analysed by calculating the percentage of topic or keyword searched based on location and time. Numerous searches by same individual, rare search terms and special characters are used by google to analyse and to determine the trends.
  • Browsing the page can easily get you popular and you can even get featured tags on Tumblr website. Icon of a lightning bolt indicates that the trend is new.
  • Search and explore option can be utilized by Instagram users; it will show posters that are like the ones they have searched, followed or liked in recent history.

Uses of trending topics

There are several uses of trending; it can help your online store to be available on more search results and feeds, hence the srising consumers who sees its profiles and posts.

  • Using internet culture to your advantage.  Denny’s is renowned for its capability to take advantage of trending topics. They use a very different technique, which may seem strange to others, even those individuals who are engaged in Denny’s techniques on social network. The agency’s relaxed image through memes on the internet (short and crispy bits of information such as small statements or images that are often copied, mostly a light humorous effect) According to Entrepreneur it has led 150% growth since 2013.
  • Joining a continuing discussion. Several brands use this method called “The Dress”. A guest at a wedding shared the picture of a dress on social media; everyone started inquiring regarding the colour of dress. He asked if it was gold and white or black and blue. This simple question attracted a lot of attention and commentary. Even The New York Times issued an article on the brain response to colour and its science.

Firms used this situation to their advantage and compared their branding colours to the colours of the dress to imitate confusion of customers.

Things to be careful about

Like anything the method of trending can be misused. If twitter’s rules and regulation regarding trend abuse are broken, in severe cases it can result in suspension of account. To benefit from a trending topic, a business should use the method in a way so it does not have unplanned results.

  • Abstain from sharing unrelated content. Social media sites like Twitter do not encourage addition of dissimilar hashtags or keywords in posts to escalate visibility. Businesses should ensure that their brands and topics associate somehow to the present topic. Remember that posting unrelated content can confuse viewers and can damage credibility of the business.
  • Explore a subject’s history. This method is mostly applied to keywords and hashtags. #WhyIStayed was used by DiGiorno to endorse its product, without the knowledge that it had been used to spread mindfulness on domestic violence. Digiorno instantly has to delete it and extend an apology note to everyone who had raised their voice against it.
  • Practice precaution in case of tragedy. In the instant result, sharing a tragedy shows apprehension and empathy for human beings. The method of over-branding can vary the manner from compassion to disrespectful. According to AdWeek several brands of America are unable to convey the message properly when honouring the 9/11 incident. Mostly, disrespectful posts on social media are also exploited and can show a brand in an unappealing light.

Contributing in trending debates raises awareness among customers and makes brands significant.  Special caution must be practised to ensure a positive impact of their post among customers and clients.

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