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Published on April 21st, 2017 | by Editor


Considering a Rebrand for your Business? Here are Three Tips we’ve learnt from Rightmove

Rightmove, the property search giant in the United Kingdom, which started years ago in 1999, today sits firmly in the position as the most popular property website in the UK. This enviable position is partly as a result of its efforts to rebrand itself. If you have made the decision that your business needs a breath of fresh air which can be gotten through rebranding, here are some tips we’ve learnt from Rightmove’s rebrand process to help you along the way.

Target Audience Emotions

Property search giant Rightmove at the start of its business had the goal of helping people make the right move. A rebrand, however, changed the phrase to “find your happy.” While the goal has not changed, the way it is being said has evolved to take into consideration the emotions they want to evoke in their target market. You should be considering this as well when thinking about rebranding your business. What does your product bring to mind? What emotions do you figure your customers experience when they come in contact with your product? When you have decided on the exact bracket of emotion that aptly captures such a feeling, create a short, memorable tagline just like Rightmove’s and craft your business rebranding along those lines.

Empower Your Business Brand Through Use of Colour

Colour plays an immensely important role in business rebranding. This is because it can significantly impact on people’s emotional state. Instead of the conservative blue and green previously used, Rightmove makes use of a new colour palette of turquoise, a brighter blue, and cherry red. Take advantage of the particular mental associations of colours when rebranding. Use yellow to inject cheerfulness, blue for a calming quality, black to associate your business with elegance and sophistication, or green to raise the perception of your price worth.


Use a Relevant Logo for your Brand

Originally, Rightmove’s logo consisted of a house with an upward facing arrow. The new logo, however, strives to engage with people on an emotional level by giving off what they termed “human warmth”. Furthermore, the new logo design which is now a rotating house, portrays movement and direction, two characteristics necessary to success in any business venture.

There’s a reason why Rightmove is the biggest property website in the UK, and it has more to do with the fact that they provide immense help with finding the right property for you and cutting short the process of house valuation and sale.

The Proper rebranding of your business is essential. Do it like Rightmove with an intense focus on targeting audience emotions, to evoke the desired response, taking advantage of the influence colours have on peoples’ perceptions. Also, consider designing a logo that fits well and efficiently communicates your brand’s culture and goal.


With these tips, your brand will have a modern look and feel and you will be well on your way to winning the types of customers you want.

What other areas do you think a business needs to focus on in rebranding? Let us know in the comments below.

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