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Published on April 22nd, 2016 | by Editor


Brand Strategy

There is a reason why all the famous brands we know of today gained as much recognition that they did. When a brand has been advertised well then the moment people see the logo or even a color similar to it, they are immediately reminded of it and driven to it. This is what makes purchasing the brand almost come naturally to them. If you wish to make a brand of your own as famous it is important that you adopt the best policy to achieve that. Here are some of the things you need to educate yourself on when setting an example through your brand:

What Exactly Is A Brand Strategy

As the name suggests, a brand policy or a strategy is your plan of action. It functions almost like the backbone or the structure of your brand allowing you to know your next move beforehand. Through a well-structured brand strategy you can foresee possible issues and prevent them before they even occur. Similarly you can anticipate several troubles and avoid them altogether. This makes it easier for you to reach out to newer clients and develop better relationships with previous ones. A company and its brand is completely useless if it fails to leave some sort of an impact on the client. This is why it relies greatly on the strategy – that being its action plan for sometimes as long as a year. When you invest the time in strengthening your brand it will automatically develop better customer relationship as they will feel they matter to you and your brand.

A Good Example

Several famous brands like Coke, Pepsi and McDonalds are now known literally all over the world because of their exceptional and professional executed brand policy. Following is a detailed insight as to how Coke came into being:

Back in the year 1886 all some creators did was mix a few fluids together and called it a newly created soda. That is how people living in the States were first introduced to a product that is now managing a multi-million dollar brand all over the world. The only way the soda once sold at a stand was able to achieve this was because the policy behind its functioning was done very carefully and was aimed towards ensuring that every time people wanted a drink they would think of no other brand than Coke.

Right after it’s early on invention one of the creators suggested the name that is still known today. That is how its title was fabricated and has stuck for 130 years now. The way the brands name was devised and written in its final form was to ensure no one would miss out on it. The same logo and the same font style is still being used today in 2016. Once the desired impact was made with the way the logo read and stood, the creators knew exactly what had to be done next and that was to build sincere and long lasting clientele. How can one rely on a new brand when they have never even tried it out? That is the question these brand owners headed towards answering and began offering samples of the soda to everyone they could. This promoted a lot of loyalty among the new customers who were given a very personal feeling that they mattered and also helped the company advertise itself first hand.

When anything is introduced in the marketing world and tends to do well then there is a chance that it will, almost immediately, be met with a lot of competition. This happens when other brands promise to be providing the clients with the same product, only better. This is what Coke had to deal with as well when newer companies claimed to have the same product and newer sodas were being introduced. To ensure that their customers knew how to tell that they were consuming Coke and not a fake replica, the brand had to upgrade its brand strategy.

In order to achieve this, here is what Coke did – they began to introduce new and various kinds of bottles that came in a ton of sizes and shapes. This is what introduced a lot of diversity in the brand and also had people believing that their product was truly one of a kind. When this was met with further competition, Coke took the stepping stone in branding policy and designed its very own one of a kind soda bottle in the year 1916.

That was just the beginning for the brand that would go on establishing itself as a completely unique one.

What Does A Good Brand Strategy Entail

Now that you understand the vast and stark impacts a good brand policy can have on a brand, following is the information that will allow you to understand what exactly is included in a brand strategy.

  1. First of all you have to come up with a very strong tag line. This should be such that people remember it with little to no thought. This also means that it should be in direct correlation to the service the brand offers.
  2. You must know who your target is. If you are targeting adults, your tag line and your strategy should be devised with them in mind. If it entails all genders and ages it should be very relevant and preferably generic.
  3. You must be very clear as to the kind of message you want your brand to make. This is often achieved through the image of the logo. You want a certain idea to strike the viewer whenever they see the logo.
  4. The way your brand is marketed says a lot about what it will make the viewer feel. So try and capture that essence in the way your brand is imaged.

The way a brand is perceived has a lot to do with the audience, but more than that it has a lot to do with the way it is marketed. Come up with a strong brand strategy with the help of an experienced team. Keep the pointers given above in mind and your audience will feel exactly what you want them to each time they see or hear of your brand.

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