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Published on December 1st, 2016 | by Editor


Make Sure Your Staff Are Health And Safety Trained

Health and Safety training used to be seen as a waste of time, but we know now that that’s not true. There are a lot of great benefits that come from employees being trained in health and safety; benefits that affect both the employee and the employer. More than simply verbally warning them of the workplace risks, it’s important that your employees are knowledgeable of all safety regulations and procedures to ensure that accidents are avoided and the workplace remains a safe and organised environment.

The first step to training your staff is to provide them with the basic knowledge they need to stay safe in the workplace. Giving your employees printed source material during their induction is a good way to provide them with the basic knowledge they need, although it would be beneficially to talk them through it as well to ensure that they understand all of the information. This written material should include the main risks in the work environment, what to do in the case of an emergency, which people in the workplace are medically trained, the locations of the emergency exits and the evacuation procedures. If there is any additional safety information that is specific to your workplace then this should also be included and spoken of in more detail.

If there are a lot of risks and hazards in your workplace then you should provide new employees with the necessary training and educational resources. This will prevent new employees from being too dependent on their superiors when it comes to handling dangerous equipment or entering potentially hazardous situations. They can take charge of their job and manage their safety independently, which will create a more organised workplace that runs smoothly. There are a range of courses and training programs available to provide your employees with the necessary knowledge and skills to safely navigate a hazardous work place, including courses for SMSTS in London. Although this might be costly for an employer, it will improve the efficiency of your employees and reduce workplace accidents considerably.

One of the most important parts of health and safety is ensuring that your workplace is actually safe. Your equipment should be well maintained and stored/used safely, emergency exits should be easily accessible and not blocked, the general work area should be kept clean and free of clutter or stray wires, and your employees should all be wearing the appropriate safety gear. If you teach your employees the necessary requirements for a safe work environment you will find that your operation will be more organised and efficient.

Finally, being involved with your employees and allowing them to speak freely will allow for smarter decisions in the workplace. Employees will be quick to notice unsatisfactory equipment and any potential hazards that you might not have expected. Health and safety in the work is as much the responsibility of the employer or manager as it is the employees. Being educated and educating others about the laws and regulations of health and safety can improve the conditions of your workplace and improve the quality of your work.

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