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Published on February 1st, 2017 | by Editor



Honda Motor Company Limited is a renowned manufacturer of automobiles, motorcycles, power equipment, and aircrafts. Since 1959, this company has been the largest producer of motorcycles in the world. Its products come in different models to cater for different classes, and thus appeal to a broad market.


Target Market

Honda fits in various markets because it localizes manufacturing operations. This organization is unique because its headquarters does not act as the control machinery like other multinationals do. Honda has subsidiaries all over the world that operate as autonomous companies. These subdivisions design and produce vehicles based on consumer behaviors and local conditions. Honda has been able to appeal to a broad market because its products are usually attached to local circumstances and preferences.


Honda is known for embracing paradox in a bid to promote critical thinking and creativity. The organization demands workers at all levels to continually poke holes and disrupt the status quo. It is a daily process supported by spontaneous meetings, famously known as Waigaya. The meetings evaluate and reevaluate decisions irrespective of their magnitude, in a bid to make strategic and tactical choices. This organization uses paradox to reassess collective wisdom, and shape new responses according to current trends and market demands.


This company knows how to respond to regional preferences, while at the same time scaling manufacturing improvements and operating tactics around the world. Honda attributes its success to its capability to reexamine every new automobile it produces.

Strong Values

Honda has six fundamental beliefs that have been crucial in its brand expansion and sustainability. Among these beliefs is an initiative that allows individuals to think creatively without being bound by preconceived ideas. The use of robots is minimal because the company understands the role of human labor towards innovation. The employees are at liberty to initiate actions and judgment as long they take responsibility for their actions. The company brags of boundless creativity from employees, unlike machines, which can only perform to certain limits. Honda recognizes that automation limits further improvements that make it difficult to respond to changing demands.

Honda’s brand personality focuses on customer satisfaction at all levels. The ability to produce products that can be used in cities and off-road makes it a darling for many. The engineers are always on their toes to manufacture automobiles with the latest designs and features for the current market.


Honda has a flexible factory line that allows it to produce multiple autos through in-house engineering. This feature makes the company fast and dynamic in production because its competitors take months to retool a factory for a new vehicle. This company has a team of engineers at each major production facility that respond swiftly to customer needs. Honda can alter capacity and production of individual models within short notice based on the success of competing brands and local trends.


The company connects with its customers not only through customized products, but also through its involvement in sports. Honda Racing Corporation has been an influential company known for promotion and production of racing motorcycles.


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