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Published on February 1st, 2017 | by Editor


Disney: Branding Strategy

Customer loyalty to the Disney brand is among the highest seen in any industry. The Walt Disney Company operates through four business units. Studio Entertainment handles film, music, and theatre. Parks and Resorts handle their theme parks. Media Networks cover ABC, ESPN, and the Disney Channel. Disney Consumer Products & Interactive Media engages merchandising. As a brand, Disney seeks to capture the essence of things that are good and true in life. Through creating fantasy worlds and iconic characters that embody the spirit of happiness, intrigue, and fervor for knowledge, Disney manages to spellbind the masses. Personality-driven marketing is at the core of this company. Yet, the true strength of this brand lies in its consistent quality and constant improvement to its brand image. Through staying true to its brand promise, Disney has created a brand that is capable of magic in the marketing sector.


A Significant Focus on Customer Research

Disney continues to evolve its brand through paying close attention to the experience of its customers. This strategy is clearly exhibited through the management of Walt Disney World. The company’s organizational model recently shifted from Customer Relationship Management to Customer Managed Relationships. This allows Disney to shape their experience through the interactions of their customers. Each guest is allowed to customize their journey through the park while enriching the experience for others to follow. Extensive research into sales statistics also makes up a large part of Disney’s budget. This careful attention to customer preferences is made possible through a sizeable investment in technology. MyMagic+, which launched in 2013, includes many cutting-edge customer-interaction advancements showing the importance of metrics in establishing a trusted brand. Specialized radio frequency bands were specifically designed to streamline the experience of their customers while harvesting feedback.

Consistent Brand Recognition

As a brand, Disney is alive. From living architecture that encompasses the magical vision of Disney, to memorable movies and brandable goods, the company’s expansion crosses all avenues. When you encounter a Disney product, it is instantly recognizable due to it almost always being part of a much larger chain of promotion. In every exhibit of Disney’s brand recognition, you find a single personality-driven marketing model being transposed to every area of the industry. Disney creations are always marketed as many different products such as movies, toys, lifestyle, and even beauty products. This strategy allows for each product-line to benefit from the performance of all others under the brand’s umbrella. Storytelling is critical to the success of Disney. Each of the company’s magical brand representatives are interweaved into the rich lineage of The Walt Disney Company. Through staying faithful to its creations, Disney has captured countless faithful fans.

Immersive Branding

Dedication to a range of memorable characters that parallel the truth of our own lives has lifted The Walt Disney Company to be the most powerful brand in the world. It is the second largest media conglomerate in the world, with earnings second only to Comcast. Disney has shown that a business rooted in personality can be a roaring success, especially if you cover almost all personality types through your timeless characters. ”The Happiest Place On Earth” is a perfect testament to the image, vision, and voice of this brand. Consistent through all marketing efforts, Disney is always themed for dreams and magic everywhere. By doing so, this media conglomerate has proven that completely immersing your customer in your brand identity is a winning branding strat


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