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Brand Review

Published on September 2nd, 2016 | by Editor


Brand Focus: Advanced Vaser Lipo Centre

On Cotton discusses the online presence of a new liposuction technique being offered at select clinics across the country. Our focus this week is the online presence of the Advanced Lipo Centre. Vaser liposuction differs to the old technique, using high levels of ultrasound and smaller incisions, using precision cannulas used to remove fat in more targeted areas.

Market Focus

The Advanced Lipo Centre understands the mental and  physical difficulties faced by those who are looking for procedures than are as non-invasive and effective as possible. Certainly, in Western cultures, the importance placed on looks is validated and fuelled every time one opens the side bars of shame, Instagram traffic jams, Facebook or celebrity magazines and is becoming a standard status symbol for not only those who have, but arguably more so for those who want a higher quality of life. In reality, this can only been sustained by the privileged. Botox, fillers teeth whitening or further still, veneers, along with facials, skin peel, ‘Hi-Definition’ brows, eyelash and long nail extension-upkeep that clutch on to tan stained receipts from 24 hour gym memberships, it was only matter of time before the introduction of easy peasy, same-day, fat removal and transfer because as easy as the rest. In the quest to cross that airbrushed finish to vanity utopia, the pursuit of perfection and appreciation for attraction and attractiveness is nothing new, but the readiness those are willing, both male and female, to feel the need to follow and mark oneself, adorn one’s colours, the natural evolutionary social need to be one of your tribe and to attract a healthy mate is more apparent than ever.

The Advanced Lipo Centre understands this, and has clearly done its research. They are a specialised, gender neutral and innovative cosmetic surgery clinic that has centres in both Harley Street and Selston, Nottinghamshire, UK, They specialise in Vaser liposuction techniques, so much so that their clinics offer no other treatments, leading the way and pioneering the procedure in the UK with specialist surgeon, Dr. Bassi overseeing each potential client, every step away.

The branding and online design presence of the Advanced Lipo Centre has been strategised extensively, and this combination of cosmetic surgery advances along with online technological advancement pitched to the right online demographic has been crucial in the Advanced Lipo Centre’s success story.

Brand and Media

The Advanced Lipo Centre has an succinct and efficient link-up of social media tools, including Facebook, encouraging social networking and a feel of community to build online presence. The consultation of expert SEO and Design specialists have managed to transfer data to oversee the correct ways forward manage a potential brand using creative media tools in a uniform manner.

The inclusion of ‘Before and After’ photographed are licensed and released with permission from extremely happy client testimonials, putting real life examples online at the touch of a gratifying, instant click  of life changing, confidence building, non-too-invasive surgery options that no longer require any over night stay.

The Advanced Lipo Centre has a refined, perfectionist online presence – similar to how the business and brand itself needs to stand out. The smooth curves of the logo silhouette represent an epitome of the outward notion and summary of the crucial aim, service and simplicity to gain what the client wants. A logo is essential to represent the business through all social media outlets, in house leafleting and many other uses. The ideology of the product being sold needs to be remembered by clients and potential consumers. Sometimes, as most often the case, gifted fine artists find that the more simplistic the logo design the better, remaining distil and obvious. The advanced Lipo Centre managed to capture the positivity, simplicity and smoothness of service, even in the procedure and

Visual Design

The soft yellow lines on the user interface are both reminiscent of a calming yet clinical, gender neutral deign that wishes to informatively discuss the medical advancements and cosmetic surgery clinic website that is gaining much web success and interest due to its high level of design awareness and continuity of service from first website view to end of surgery after care.

The Advanced Lipo Centre speaks to both male and female clients ranging from confidence-lost ‘Mums’ desperate to regain their stomachs after pregnancy, to Dad Bods, Gym goers and models nationwide, while forward thinking surgeon Dr. Bassi also offers precise body sculpture treatments for those seeking the final touches to those working out daily that wish to alter their fundamental shape.

The home page instantly directs potential traffic to the right place, with a clear, concise interface that explains the differences in new treatment advancements and, crucially, on most pages, the text clearly explains local anaesthetic can be used to avoid going ‘under’ – potentially eliminating risks – with procedures carried out instantly.

The simplicity of the Advanced Lipo Centre’s logo and colour swatch manages to be versatile, simple,  memorable, appropriate and timeless.

Vaser Lipo

In terms of new, innovative cosmetic surgeries, Vaser has already made waves in the UK and abroad, particularly appealing to those who wish to define muscle heavy ares, such as legs, tummies and arms. The ability to fine tune the old methods of crude liposuction techniques of old is possible with the Advanced Lipo Centre. They, in essence, offer a treatment to that arguably achieves better results than drastic traditional  liposuction with no down time, minimal scarring and upset to surrounding tissue, promising to encourage collagen production rather than upset the tissues that are ruptured with larger cannula incisions.

The Advanced Lipo Centre has carefully chosen their brand to represent them from the very start to the end of service, which is surely what internet marketing should aim to provide. There should be no pressingly large questions left about the service offered if the website and linked-up, surrounding social networking are being used to their full potential. The correct branding can provide the best reach for buck, and smaller companies will really reap the rewards with correct branding, logo and web presence and optimisation from the very beginning of a business idea. The cost is best utilised with a full digital marketing strategy to encompass all aims with your brand’s online presence.

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